Want to transfer Netflix movies and videos to USB drive? This article will introduce an easy way to download and save Netflix videos to computer, so that you can move them to USB Drive, SD card, external drive or elsewhere with ease.

“Is there any way to transfer movies from Netflix to USB drive? I am afraid Netflix will delete the videos suddenly. Please help.”

Netflix is one of the most video streaming services, where you can watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries on your smart phones, smart TVs, Amazon Fire tablet, or computer. Netflix allows users to download Netflix videos to watch offline. However, when you download an hour-long movie in the Netflix app and select “High Quality”, it usually takes up 1.6GB and 2GB or more of storage on your device. As a result, you will have less and less free space and slower device performance.

transfer netfilx movies to usb drive

Storing downloaded Netflix movies to USB drive is a perfect solution for freeing up your space. Is it possible to transfer Netflix movies to USB drive? Keep reading. Today, here we’ll introduce a feasible way to help you download and save Netflix videos to USB drive.

Part 1. Can You Download Netflix Movies to USB Drive Directly?

Netflix is a streaming service that mainly relies on advertising revenue and subscription fees. It provides Standard with Ads plan ($6.99 a month), Basic Plan ($9.99 a month), Standard Plan ($15.49 a month) and Premium Plan ($19.99 a month). But it doesn’t offer a way to download Netflix movies to USB flash drive. During your subscription, you are allowed to download Netflix titles on smartphone, tablet, Windows 8 or later. Due to the encoded technology imposed by Netflix, users are unable to transfer downloaded movies on Netflix to USB drive.

All content provided by Netflix is encoded in a specific format, which can only be accessible within Netflix app. Once you cancel your subscription, you will not be able to access any videos provided by Netflix, including the downloaded movies.

Here are some advantage of Moving Netflix videos to USB drive.

* Get rid of Netflix download limits.
* Free up storage space on your phone.
* Share Netflix titles with family and friends.
* Back up Netflix titles without being deleted.
* Keep Netflix downloads without expiration.
* Enjoy flexible playback of Netflix videos.
* Watch Netflix on multiple devices simultaneously.
* Play Netflix videos anywhere, anytime, regardless of region.

Whether you want to keep your Netflix downloads or transfer Netflix videos to USB or external drive, a third-party tool to download Netflix videos to MP4 is a must for this mission. Here we bring a powerful Netflix video downloader.

Part 2. Download and Transfer Netflix Movies to USB Drive with 4kFinder

4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is an excellent video downloader which you can easily download Netflix movies to MP4 or MKV in HD 1080P quality. In addition, it supports batch download and offers 6X faster download speed, so you can download several Netflix videos at once. In this way, you can save Netflix movies on your computer permanently and copy Netflix movies to USB Drive, SD card, external Drive or any other media players and devices.

Why Choose 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader?

  • Download movies, TV shows from Netflix for free.
  • Download Netflix videos to Mac/Windows computer, laptop, Macbook.
  • Download and save Netflix videos to MP4/MKV format without quality loss.
  • Keep original tracks and subtitles of the Netflix videos in the output files.
  • Transfer Netflix videos to USB drive, SD card and any media players or device.
  • Watch Netflix movies on iPhone, Android, PSP, Xbox, HD TV, Apple TV, etc.
  • Easy to use, no any ads; Supports 6x faster download speed, batch download.

Explore More Highlights and Features:

All Netflix Contents supported – 4kFinder program is capable of downloading all TV shows, classical movies, new movies, anime, sex movies, documents, music videos and more from Netflix.

High compatibility. – Download anything from Netflix to Windows 7/8/10/11 and Mac OS X 10.11 and later.

Popular video formats – It offers the most popular video encoders, including MP4 and MKV, which is supported by most devices.

HD 1080p quality – ensure the best video viewing experience offline by downloading Netflix videos in full HD 1080p quality.

No Netflix app needed – It comes with a built-in Netflix web player, which lets you search and add any content by entering keyword or URL.

Save video metadata for all videos – the video title, video codec, cast, season number, cover, dimension, season number, shooting time, duration and other video information will all be preserved accompanying the Netflix videos.

50X Super-faster speed – The software is able to facilitate higher productivity by accelerating the speed to 50X super faster and also processes in batch.

Keeps audios and subtitles – To give you a better viewing experience, it will preserve multi-language audio tracks and subtitles for your downloads.

Tutorial: How to Download and Transfer Netflix Movies to USB Drive

In the following part, we will show you the detailed tutorial on how to use the 4kFinder 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader to download Netflix movies to computer, and then move Netflix movies to USB Drive.

Step 1. Run 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader on Mac/PC
Once you have installed the 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader on your computer, the built-in Netflix web player will launch. To proceed, please log in to your Netflix account.

run 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader

Step 2. Search Movies
4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader offers two ways to locate video content on Netflix. You can either directly search for a video by its name within the software or simply copy and paste the video URL into the search box.

Way 1: Type the title of any movie or TV show into the search box.

type name in the search box

Way 2: Simply copy and paste its URL into the designated field.

copy & paste netflix video link

Step 3. Choose Video Format & Quality
Click the “Gear” icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the interface. From this menu, you can adjust various settings such as output format, quality, and other personalized preferences.

output settings

Tips: Here you can insert your USB flash drive, and set the USB drive as the output folder. In this way, you can directly download Netflix movies to USB drive.

Step 4. Start to Download Netflix Movies
Once you have adjusted the settings according to your preferences, click on the ‘Download’ button to commence the download process for your chosen movies. 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader will then begin to download and convert the content into either MP4 or MKV format.

start to download Netflix video

While the download is in progress, you have the option to queue up additional movies to download at the same time.

add more videos to download

Step 5. View Downloaded MP4 Netflix Movies
Upon completion of the download process, you can access a record of your downloads by navigating to the “History” section.

view downloaded netflix movie

And you can click the folder icon to locate the downloaded movie files on your computer.

output netflix movies

Step 6. Transfer Downloaded Netflix Movies to USB Drive
Now, it’s time to move the downloaded Netflix movies to your USB drive.

On Windows:

– Plug in the USB flash drive into the USB port of your Windows PC.
– Open the USB folder and output Netflix video folder as well.
– Direct drag and drop the downloaded Netflix MP4 files from the hard drive to the target folder.
– When finished, eject the USB drive from your PC safely.

transfer netflix movies to usb drive on pc

On Mac:

– Insert a USB flash drive into the USB port on your Mac.
– Then your Mac will recognize it and make it available in Finder app.
– In a Finder window, you will see the USB drive in the left side.
– Browse the output folder where the downloaded MP4 Netflix video files are stored.
– Now drag and drop the folder to the USB drive.
– Finally, eject the USB drive safely.

transfer netfix video to usb on mac

Tips: You can also follow this method to transfer the Netflix movies to your SD card, Android phone and tablets, MP4 player, PSP, Xbox, etc.

Part 3. FAQs about Downloading Netflix Movies to USB Drive

Can I download Netflix on a USB stick?
Answer: No. The download feature is only available on a few supported devices, except for USB drive.

Can I put downloaded Netflix movies on a USB stick?
Answer: No. USB stick only supports to play MP4 video files. But the downloaded Netflix videos are stored in NFV format.

How to transfer downloaded movies on Netflix to USB?
Answer: First, you need to download and save movies from Netflix to MP4 files. Then you can move the downloaded Netflix movies to your USB drive.

Will downloaded Netflix movies be deleted on USB stick?
Answer: No. Once you download Netflix videos as MP4 files, they are local files. These MP4 Netflix files will be saved permanently on your USB drive, hard drive, external drive, device, etc.

Final Words

To download ans transfer Netflix videos to USB drive, SD card, or other external drives, 4kFinder Netflix Video Downloader is the best choice. This powerful tool can not only help you download videos from Netflix, but also enables you to save Netflix videos to USB drive, SD card, and any other device. The output quality is good enough, it can even supports to download video up to 1080P HD. Moreover, it gives you possibility to watch Netflix on any device without Netflix app and network.

Transfer Netflix Movies to USB Drive