Looking for a way to download 2160p videos from YouTube for offline viewing? Here, you will learn how to download HD or Ultra HD 4K videos from YouTube to the hard drive, and save Ultra HD YouTube videos as MP4 format to be compatible with 4K TV.

Is there any website to download YouTube 4k videos?

How do I download 2160p Ultra HD videos from YouTube?

3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) is the dominant 4K standard. If you are looking for ways to download 4K videos from YouTube or other video websites, you have come to the right place! This guide will teach you how to download 2160p Ultra HD videos from YouTube, so that you can watch 2160p Ultra HD videos on your 4K TV or other device without Internet connection or Wi-Fi! Sounds good? Let’s go on!

What is 2160p Ultra HD?

UHD stands for “Ultra High Definition”, which is commonly referred to as 4K, usually 3,840×2,160 pixels. Since YouTube announced its support for 4K videos, many YouTube users upload 4K resolution videos to YouTube or stream 4K videos online. Usually 4K resolution videos are displayed as 2160p videos in YouTube settings.

Why Download Ultra HD Video?

It’s generally known that the higher resolution of the picture or video, the higher network speed requirement. In other words, when you watch high-resolution Ultra HD 4K videos on YouTube, a very stable and fast internet connection is required. Otherwise, the video resolution will automatically be reduced to 2K, HD or lower, which is not friendly to video lovers who pursue high quality. More importantly, you cannot view Ultra HD 4K videos without the YouTube app on your device.

Therefore, the best way is to download YouTube Ultra HD video to your hard drive, then you can move it to your 4K TV or other device for offline viewing! To download and save 2160p Ultra HD video from YouTube to your computer, you can use a professional YouTube Video Downloader.

Best YouTube Ultra HD 4K Video Downloader: Download YouTueb 4K Video

Online YouTube Downloader is an all-in-one tool that lets you to download videos, playlist, channels from YouTube in HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K, and 8K resolution. It also enables you to download and save HD, 4K videos from popular websites like Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. With using it, you can easily download 2160p Ultra HD video from YouTube to MP4 format. After which you can move the UHD 4K videos to your 4K TV or other device, then you can watch them with no internet connection.

Advantages of Online YouTube Downloader:

  • Download 4K videos from YouTube, Vevo, Facebook and other video sites.
  • Download YouTube UHD 4K videos in MP4 format without quality loss.
  • Save YouTube Ultra HD 4K videos to computer forever with ease.
  • Download MP3 audios from online music video and playlists, etc.
  • Supports downloading HD 1080p, HD 720P, UHD 4K and 8K resolution videos.
  • Watch YouTube 2160p Ultra HD video on 4K TV with no Internet connection.

Tutorial: How to Download UHD 4K Video from YouTube?

Here is a step-by-step guides on how to download YouTube 2160p Ultra HD videos to your computer. Online YouTube Downloader is 100% clean and safe. No need to worry about virus intrusion, please get this software downloaded on your Mac or Windows system before you start.

Step 1. Find A 2160p Ultra HD Video on YouTube
Open YouTube on your browser, find a 4K 2160p video you want to download. Or your can directly search “4K video” in the search bar on YouTube. Then copy the URL of the 4K video in the address bar.

copy video link

Step 2. Paste 4K Video URL to Program
Now launch Online YouTube Downloader. Then go back to YouTube, paste the video URL to the bar of the program. After that, click “Analyze” button to get the UHD 4K video source.

paste youtube video link

Step 3. Select MP4 and 2160p Quality
It will pop up a small window with different quality in MP4 or MP3 format. Here you can select MP4 format and 2160p 4K UHD resolution.

select format

Step 4. Download 2160p Ultra HD Video from YouTube to MP4
Simply click “Download” to get 2160p Ultra HD video from YouTube directly and save it as a MP4 file to your hard drive. Batch download allows you to download more UHD videos from YouTube, just repeat the above steps to add more video links.

download youtube video to mp4

When it finishes, you can find the MP4 videos under the “Finished” section, to open the video, just click “Open Folder” next to the video.

find downloaded youtube videos

Now you have saved YouTube 2160p Ultra HD videos on your hard drive, then you can transfer them to your 4K TV for enjoying!

Download 2160p Ultra HD Video from YouTube