Are you finding a useful Video Downloader to help you download videos from In the following article, we will introduce you 2 Video Downloaders to assist you download and save videos to local drive, respectively is online downloader and 4kFinder downloader.

“Is there any way to download videos from I just watched an amazing magic video clip over and over again, and I want to save videos to my computer. Any suggestion?”

If you are a social media enthusiast, you will not be unfamiliar with Its function is similar to worldwide popular Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, which allowing users to freely share videos and music. Although is a Russian social media platform, more and more subscribers are using it and looking for ways to download videos to local drive for offline viewing. Unfortunately, you may notice that doesn’t allow you to download videos from Don’t be disappointed, the following article will show you 2 Video Downloaders to down Odnoklassniki videos to local drive.

Part 1. Download Videos via 4kFinder Video Downloader (Best)

Although there are many Video Downloaders on the market, the best and safest way is to use 4kFinder Video Downloader to download videos from By using 4kFinder Video Downloader, users can easily download Odnoklassniki videos without special technology is required. Then you can save videos permanently to local drive, you are able to transfer them to any device and player for offline watching, such as Android and iOS phones, tablets, smart TV and MP4 players.

Additionally, it is not only an Video Downloaer, but also a popular videos downloader. 4kFinder Video Downloader can be used with more than 1,000 confirmed supported websites and social networks, including YouTube, FC2, Facebook, Twitter, etc. And you are allow to multi-task download bulks of popular videos with 6X faster downloading speed by using 4kFinder Video Downloader.

Outstanding Features of 4kFinder Video Downloader:

  • Download videos without touching any quality.
  • Download videos from, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Freely download online videos from over 1000 websites.
  • Safely download Odnoklassniki videos without any ads.
  • Save videos forever on local drive and any device.
  • Provides HD resolutions, including 720p, 1080p, HD, 4k.
  • Multi-task download videos and 6X downloading speed.
  • Enjoy videos on phones, tablets and other players.

Guide: Download Videos with 4kFinder Video Downloader

The following detailed guide will show you the method to download Odnoklassniki videos with a professional videos downloader – 4kFinder. Before you begin to save videos to computer, please download and install the 4kFinder on computer, this software can work well with PC/Mac version computer.

Step 1. Go to and Copy the Video Link
After the installation of video downloader – 4kFinder, double tap the icon to run 4kFinder Vidoe Downloader on your computer. Visit website and looking for your ideal video page, then copy the video link.

copy video link

Step 2. Paste the Target Link to 4kFinder
Return to 4kFinder Video Downloader, paste the target link into the address bar of 4kFinder. Click “Analyze” option, the Video Downloader will start to analyze videos automatically.

paste video link

Step 3. Select the Output Format
After analyzing, a window list shows off. You are able to choose the video quality and format you want. The video resolution for you to choose as 540p, 720p, 1080p HD, 2K, 4K. The default video format is MP4. You can select the video format and resolution from the various available options.

choose formats for video

Step 4. Starting Save Videos to Computer
Once the 4kFiner has been configured to your taste, hit on the “Download” button and it will start to download Odnoklassniki videos automatically.

download videos from

When the downloading process is completed, you can find them in the “Finished” section of 4kFinder, click “Open Folder” button to locate the downloaded files on your local drive, you can watch them on your computer or transfer to other devices for offline playback.

view downloaded videos

Part 2. Download Videos from with Online Downloader

If you do not want to install the extra program to download videos, you can try Online Videos Downloader to download Odnoklassniki videos. There are various Videos Downloaders on the market, but you should choose carefully because you cannot guarantee its safety. The video files they downloaded may contain virus.

#1. Run the web browser and open the Online Videos Downloader site.

#2. Visit and find the video you want to download. Copy its URL.

#3. On the opened Online Videos Downloader web page, you will see an address bar to paste the URL. Paste the URL and click “Download” button.

#4. Some Online Videos Downloaders allow you to choose the output resolution and format. Choose the desired you want and it will be downloaded as you need.

The Bottom Lines

In this article, we introduced you 2 ways to download videos from Although online Videos Downloader does not need to install additional application, the files it downloads are risky. The best way is to download Odnoklassniki videos with a safe and effective Videos Downloader – 4kFinder Video Downloader. By using it, you have the ability to save videos to local drive permanently, and transfer them to any player/device!

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