Want to download streams from Twitch for using in your games? This article will explain the advantages of downloading Twitch streaming videos and show you how to download streams, videos and clips from Twitch, and save Twitch content as MP3 files on your hard drive.

“Is it possible to download videos from How to download the streams from Twitch to MP3 format? I want to add my favorite background music to the game I created.”

Twitch is the leading real-time streaming platform in the gaming industry. Users can not only watch live broadcasts on Twitch for free, but also find various of game video streams. However, Twitch platform does not provide an option to download videos and streams on Twitch. If you want to download streams from Twitch or download other people’s streams for using on your games, you have come to the right place! 4kFinder Video Downloader can fill the gap and help you download streams and videos from Twitch to your PC or Mac computer. Before we start getting streaming videos from Twitch, let’s explore the importance of downloading streams from Twitch.

Why Download the Twitch Streams?

Sometimes, when you are away from home due to travel or work, it is difficult to keep up with the video stream of your favorite broadcaster. To make matters worse, on the second day of waking up, you find that your favorite Twitch video stream disappears. Therefore, downloading Twitch streams is the best choice. If you can save Twitch streaming video directly to your device, you don’t need to worry about the video disappearing or exhausting all cellular data. After saving Twitch streams to your computer, you can watch them at any time.

To download streamer’s own content from Twitch, you must use a third-party tool to download the complete archive stream to your computer for offline playback. Please note that before downloading any content, you should always ask for permission from streaming media. Please do not upload the downloaded content to a public platform, it can only be used for personal enjoyment.

Powerful Twitch Streaming Downloader: 4kFinder

4kFinder Video Downloader is the best Twitch Streaming Downloader that we highly recommend. It not only lets you download videos and clips on Twitch TV directly, but you can also download your favorite streams from Twitch in high quality. Besides, it supports to download Twitch streams and videos at 6X faster speed. Yes you can download Twitch stream videos into MP4 or MP3 supported by most devices and players. Better yet, you can use it to download videos from over 1000+ popular online video sharing sites like You Tube, Vevo, Vimeo, Veoh, Facebook, DailyMotion, ect.

Main Features of 4kFinder Twitch Downloader:

  • Download videos, streams, clips from Twitch for free.
  • Download videos and audios from 1000+ hot sites.
  • Extract MP3 audios from Twitch streaming videos.
  • Download online videos into MP4 with high quality.
  • Supports to download 3D, 360 VR, HD,2K,4K,8K videos.
  • Use the audio of Twitch streaming videos in games you create.
  • Enjoy online videos on any device without Internet connection.

How to Download Streams & Videos from Twitch with 4kFinder?

In this part, you are going to learn how to download streams, videos, clips from Twitch as MP3 or MP4 files. Please download and install 4kFinder Twitch Streaming Downloader on your Windows or Mac system before you start.

Step 1. Copy & Paste the Twitch URL to 4kFinder
First of all, launch 4kFinder Twitch Downloader on your desktop. Then go to Twitch, open and find a stream video you want to download, then copy the link of the Twitch stream in the address bar.

copy twitch streams video link

Turn to 4kFinder, paste the video URL into the bar, and click “Analyze” to get the video source.

paste twitch streams link

Note: The software does not support downloading live videos from Twitch. Please make sure that the video you want to download is not a live video.

Step 2. Select Output Format for Twitch Streams Video
You will see a pop-up window where you can choose the output format as MP4 or MP3. If you want to enjoy the background sound of Twitch streaming video, please select MP3 as the output format, and 320kbps bitrate.

select mp3 format

Step 3. Download Streams from Twitch into MP3 Audios
Simply press on the “Download” button, the program will immediately extract MP3 audios from Twitch streams and save it on the hard drive. During the downloading process, you can download Twitch videos and streams in batches, just add a video link.

download twitch streams and videos to mp3

Step 4. Find Downloaded Twitch MP3 Audios
When finished, you can find the well-downloaded Twitch MP3 audios in “Finished” section, tab “Open Folder” to enjoy it.

download twitch streams and videos completed

Now, you can play your favorite Twitch videos at any time, or you can use downloaded Twitch MP3 audio in game videos you create.

Download Streams & Videos from Twitch